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Lead Testing Results for the Seaside School District
Posted On:
Monday, August 29, 2016

LEAD TESTING RESULTS (JUNE 2016 SAMPLES):  The Seaside School District has received back the results from the lead water testing. The results indicate that only two (2) of the thirty-nine (39) areas tested have exceeded the limit of 20 ppb recommended by the EPA for drinking water in schools. One source is a hose bib in the boiler room at Gearhart at 20.5 ppb and the other is the sink in the concession stand at Seaside High School at 42.3 ppb. The source in the boiler room is not potable water and has been labeled not potable. The concession stand water is used mainly for cleaning, with some limited use in cooking. The faucet has been replaced and has been retested. The District is awaiting the test results.  The faucet has been turned off and has been labeled “do not use.”


There are two drinking fountains at The Heights Elementary that tested at 17.2 and 18.5 ppb, which is within the allowable range for schools, but not for residential drinking water systems which have a limit of 15 ppb. Those fountains, plus two others approaching 15 ppb, have been retested with flush testing to determine if the lead is in the fixtures or in the lines behind them. The two fountains have been temporarily decommissioned until the second test results come back, at which time, the District will determine a more permanent course of action. The Heights students still have adequate access to drinking fountains in the classrooms.


Broadway School had no findings of concern.




Sheila Roley, Seaside School District Superintendent, (, (503)738-5591

Glen Ely, Seaside School District Maintenance Supervisor, (, (503)738-5591

Oregon Health Authority, Drinking Water Services, (, (971)673-0405

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