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Gearhart Students Name the Trail! Time to VOTE!!!
Posted On:
Monday, November 17, 2014

VOTE for your Favorite Trail Name!!!!

OPRD, Gearhart Elementary, and the City of Gearhart invite you to help select a name for the new beach trail at Gearhart Ocean State Recreation Area!

OPRD visited Gearhart Elementary and presented exciting information about the Estuary, the ocean, and the dunes that are right down the street from our classrooms. Our students in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades rose to the challenge, submitting over 30 potential names for this new trail. OPRD ranked the submissions on local, natural, and geographic resources plus that special “Wow!” factor.

Our students also went out to the beach itself with OPRD Coastal Visitor Experience Coordinator Brian Fowler. They learned more about the history of the area, the power of the ocean, and the creatures that use the beach right here in Gearhart. 

The trail is located in the city of Gearhart, leading from Little Beach at Necanicum Estuary out to Gearhart Ocean State Recreation Area. The new trail is a loop connecting the residential access point with the Little Beach access point near Wellington.

The top ten results are now open for the public to view! Which one is YOUR favorite? The survey closes by midnight on December 1, 2014!

You can access the survey here:

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