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Title I Annual Meeting & Open House
Posted On:
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Title 1 Open House and Annual Meeting, Tuesday, September 30, 3:00-4:30 and 6:00-7:30

If your child is in Title 1 Reading or Math you are invited to our annual Title 1 Open House and Annual Meeting.

This year, to accommodate more parents’ busy schedules, we will have two different times you may attend. All Title 1 students who bring their parent(s) or caregivers to the Open House will receive a coupon for a FREE book from the Book Nook.

Mr. Danielson, the Title 1 Reading and Math teacher will present a program outlining how students are selected for Title 1 services and how the RTI (Responses to Intervention) program works to keep tabs on each and every student’s progress. He will briefly talk about the various educational programs being used at school and how parents can help out. Parents can also fill out question cards that Mr. Danielson will respond to later by e-mail or a phone call.

Mark your calendars and please visit our Title 1 Open House. If you cannot attend but you have questions or concerns, please schedule an appointment with Mr. Danielson by calling the school office at 738-8348 or by writing to Mr. Danielson at

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